2023 brought forth a multitude of memorable and iconic moments, marked by a blend of scandalous events, mesmerizing musical performances, and a groundbreaking movie premiere. What further stood out were the fashion trends that reinvigorated our perception of Nigerian style.

Eminent figures such as Toke Makinwa, Denola Grey, Tiwa Savage, and Asake took the forefront in leading this year’s fashion evolution, sharing a common theme in their styles: “self-expression.” Nigerians, more than ever, embraced the imperative of conveying their identity and messages through their clothing choices.

In commemorating the way we reshaped street fashion, red carpet ensembles, and bridal couture, here is a compilation of the top fashion trends that defined 2022.


At the forefront of our list, we find corsets, a beloved trend that has seamlessly blended modern interpretations with traditional attire. Corsets have garnered a fervent following, particularly among women in Nigeria and around the globe.

Fashion visionaries like Tubo have played a significant role in reviving the popularity of corsets in 2022, reaffirming their status as timeless fashion pieces.

Corsets find their primary application in enhancing the aesthetics of gowns crafted from lace or Ankara fabric. Their adaptability has been evident, transitioning from garments traditionally reserved for formal dinners and red carpet events to now seamlessly blending into everyday casual attire.

Mini Skirts

In just two words, “Ayrra Starr” encapsulates this trend perfectly. The younger generations, comprising Millennials and Gen-Zs, enthusiastically adopted a clothing piece from the 2000s that falls below the knee.

Mini skirts have become an essential item in the wardrobes of young women, particularly those in the 18 to 25 age group, including influencers. Their versatility is evident in various style combinations, such as pairing them with shirts and blazers. It’s no wonder that this trend transcended the streets and made its mark in the captivating realm of Tiktok.


Transforming from a fashion pariah that faced disapproval in the fashion community to a sensational footwear piece that became the centerpiece of numerous gatherings, Crocs managed to unexpectedly seize the spotlight.

While their initial arrival in the Nigerian market paved the way for counterfeit products, which threatened to diminish their appeal, a subsequent rebranding effort swiftly elevated them to a coveted and sought-after footwear option.

Crocs are causing a stir, transitioning from being regarded as home attire to becoming a bold choice for events and even a fashion statement on the runway during fashion week.

Cutouts for days

In contrast to several years ago, Nigerian women in the past year exhibited a remarkable shift in their fashion choices, boldly embracing a more skin-revealing style. These individuals defied traditional dress norms and confidently displayed their bodies.

By incorporating materials with a hint of transparency, such as silk and chiffon, it became commonplace to encounter moments of subtle allure in almost every dress, creating an enticing peek-a-boo effect.


A significant cultural shift occurred as people enthusiastically embraced the promotion of our heritage through traditional clothing. There was a collective move away from the exclusive adoption of Western attire, and a new trend emerged, incorporating African fabrics into Western-style silhouettes.

The fashion landscape saw an abundance of Ankara print gowns, jumpsuits, and even Adire-themed t-shirts. It’s evident that African fashion finally received the well-deserved recognition it had long been seeking.

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